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About Us


Sempurna Group, established in the 70’s, is one of the leading service and supply companies in Malaysia, with primary focus in the oil, gas, power and petrochemical industries, Our expertise and market familiarity coupled with the good support from International renowned companies have contributed to our rapid expansion and prosperity.

Under the wise leadership of its managing director, AL Kong,  Sempurna Group has emerged as a major player serving primarily the power, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries.

Since the 80s, our business has expanded steadily and we are now proud to be supplying to internationally renowned Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Offshore Platforms, LNG receiving terminals, and Petrochemical complexes across South East Asia and China.

Our most important assets are our human resources. We pride ourselves with the professionalism and the high quality output that is maintained by all our employees, to ensure steady growth and success. In order to be highly competitive, they need to be highly dedicated, forward thinking and capable of adapting to changes.

In the past our company only dealt with bringing technology to its clients but now it focuses on diversity, expansion and exploration of new fields and businesses, in the aim of making Sempurna an added value to the country.

Company Divisions

Due to Sempurna’s business diversity and flexible approach in various fields, we are able to respond to our clients needs through numerous business activities from project management to special services.

Our business activities are mainly focused on the power, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries.

Our business activities are divided into following areas of operation :
> Equipment Supply & After-Sales Support
> Specialized Services
> International Company Representation
> Products for Storage Tank construction & maintenance – Aluminum Domes, IFR, Tank Seals, Tank Cleaning Equipment, and etc
> Special Steel
> Waterproofing


Sempurna's Goals

1. To have a greater awareness and understanding of its corporate duty and responsibility towards society and environment.

2. To strive for the highest standards of excellence in support of the local industries to complement the ongoing efforts of the Malaysian Government to transform this country into a highly industrialized and developed nation by the year 2020.


3. Our future plans include the setting up of service facilities to enable equipment servicing within Malaysia which will be of utmost convenience for our clients and business partners.

Sempurna's Early Ventures

A. Timber Processing and Logging
B. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
C. Chemical Industries
D. Building and Construction
E. Engineering and Metal Works


Sempurna's Contact Info

General Enquiries - info@sempurna-engineering.com

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