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AUTHORISED AND CERTIFIED APPLICATOR OF ALL ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS OF EP BORNEO SDN. BHD, which comprises eco-friendly non toxic – non flammable & biodegradable cleaners – coatings – degreasers & waterproofing systems.


The most accredited waterproofing product on the market with over 20 International tests performed to world wide standards from ASTM (American Society for the Testing of Materials) British Standards, Australian Standards, Kuwaiti and Malaysian Sirim QAS testing with more standards being approved and certified every year.


E P Waterproofing System™ is unlike any other waterproofing material currently available.

E P Waterproofing System™ is NOT A MEMBRANE, but penetrates into concrete, brick, block, plaster and all masonry materials, causing a progressive chemical reaction with the free lime and alkali (which is neutralized for all time) combining all component parts of the masonry into one single dense mass.

E P Waterproofing System™ is more effective than any surface sealer or cement based membranes which are easily damaged by sub-trades or poor application methods mean they simply don’t work.

E P Waterproofing System™ is simple to apply (by back-pack spray) and needs only one application for complete curing, waterproofing and corrosion inhibiting on all masonry.


This revolutionary waterproofing system is resistant to over 60 different chemicals, will stop staining from penetrating the surface, can be painted over (any coating or topping can be applied over E P™) is colourless, odorless and finishes in a natural look with no shine oxr gloss and is also non slippery.

E P Waterproofing System™ is currently the number one waterproofing product in the Asian market no other waterproofing product has as many International Tests proving the product capabilities as E P Waterproofing System™


Benefits to the Project

• One application only – saving time and money
• Cures, waterproofs and hardens concrete
• CANNOT be worn away, peeled off, washed away, torn or broken
• Does not aerate
• Can withstand any form of Hydrostatic pressure
• Is NOT a membrane – E P™ penetrates into concrete
• Lasts for the lifespan of the material – E P™ is permanent
• Can be applied to old or new concrete/masonry
• Proven to increase concrete compressive strength by 63%
• Has passed over 20 International Tests
• Easy to Use – No special equipment needed
• Neutralizes Alkali problems in Concrete
• Is approved for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
• No mixing required
• Stops saponification of paints and coatings from masonry (peeling)


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